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Personalised programmed based on your goals for home or a gym!

New Exercise plan every two weeks, straight to your inbox.

A personal coach to keep you accountable.

Warm ups and cool down stretches included.

"Get the best out of fitness with your own personalised program"

"Tell them why they should opt in for your online coaching program."

- Personal Trainer Kirsty

I loved your thoughts and approach to food and exercise in that it was very realistic and not any of the fad diets and no shakes or starving involved.

I love the variety of your session as well and I really do love all your training sessions even though I whinge about my sore muscles.

Sapphire s.

I was scared to start training with a personal trainer because I didn’t want to work with someone who just yelled at me the whole time.

Luckily for me you are amazing and super encouraging and I loved how you just get everything!

JAde P.

I wouldn't be where I am today without you guiding and pushing me every step of my weight-loss journey.

You made me feel happy and comfortable with your friendly attitude. I haven't looked back.

ashleigh M.

You’ve been very approachable and take the time to explain the rationale behind particular exercises or movements so I have a better understanding and can apply what I have learnt when I train on my own. Each session is different which has made exercise fun and not a punishment or chore.

stephanie B.

Kirsty McDermott is one of the best she is there for you 100% supportive encouraging and wants nothing but the best results for you don't get me wrong she is as tough as they come if you want result I can guarantee Kirsty will get you to were you want to be and beyond.

Debbie f.

Kirsty is a wealth of knowledge, not only has she turned me into a "gym junkie" but has taught me so much about food and as a very fussy eater I am open to trying all sorts now! Kirsty is amazing and would and do recommend her to ANYONE who is looking to up their fitness game

Hayley p.

How does it work?

Initial Consultation

We discuss your goals and what you want to achieve.

Personalised Exercise Program

Every fortnight receive a new exercise program based on your goals

Nutrition Advice

You will be provided with a food diary for you to fill out and review with me every week. Meals will be suggested for your goals.

Weekly Challenges

Each week there will be set a weekly challenge for you to achieve for extra fitness.

Weekly Challenges

Each week there will be set a weekly challenge for you to achieve for extra fitness.

All this for just $50 per fortnight!

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Are you ready to achieve your goals?

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